Meet our First Listings!

It’s been an exciting week for us here at Ata Plus, and after months of hard work, we are pleased to be kicking-off with a bang. Today, we present you with not just one, but three up and coming companies, each doing some very interesting work within the fintech, e-commerce and crowdfunding landscape.

People are always talking about ‘the next big thing’. We can confidently say Neuroware really are onto the next big thing. If you haven’t already heard of blockchain? Don’t worry. You will. We are thrilled to have this Malaysian company specialising in blockchain based distributed ledger technologies as one of our first list offerings.

Our second company to list is equally exciting, but for different reasons. They have found a way to revive and reconnect us with what has for centuries been the heartbeat of every community – the market, or as it is known in Malay, the ‘Pasar’.  And they are doing this with the click of a button. Find out more about Pasar Tap below.

And of course, we are very happy to announce Skolafund, our third, and latest addition to come on board. This high-social impact enterprise is led by a team of young and highly driven individuals looking to make a difference in  higher education funding access for lower and middle income families. 


About Neuroware

Neuroware promises to be a first mover and major disruptor in an exciting new innovation that’s set to change the way we approach financial technology and many industries beyond. It’s the first company in Southeast Asia to offer enterprise solutions and services for distributed ledger technologies – a cutting-edge innovation based on the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. Neuroware has spent the past two years developing Cortex – the world’s first blockchain-agnostic operating system that provides small to medium sized businesses and enterprises with enhanced security and an immutable tamper-proof audit-trail in a variety of service transactions through annual subscription-based services.

More about blockchain technology

The greatest challenge for newcomers like Neuroware we believe, will be in educating the public about this blockchain. In fact, like many blockchain service providers the world over, they face a unique challenge: the technology is so new they having to educate the markets about their technology and how it can be applied to a huge range of industries – from banking and insurance to gaming, logistics, healthcare and governance. In the coming months, we will be doing our part to help educate and spread knowledge about what blockchains are about, why it is revolutionary, and how it could end up transform all kinds of every day services.

Find out more about  Neuroware  now.


The modern pasar dilemma

Everybody wants the freshest produce and best value for their money when grocery shopping. Traditionally, the Pasar (Malay word for ‘market’) has always been the best place to achieve this. However convenience drives many modern consumers to do their shopping in supermarkets. Convenience comes at a price however – in this case, a significant markup due to profit margins incurred via transactions between farmers, wholesalers and retailers. These additional stages in the supply chain also cause products to lose some of their freshness , and entail a larger carbon footprint due to long-distance transportation and the globalised nature of supermarket supply chains.

About PasarTap

PasarTap are an on-demand grocery delivery service that supplies its customers with farm-fresh produce in a matter of hours. They leverage on a team of trained buyers and an established network of local market suppliers to solve the logistical challenges of grocery shopping for the urban consumer, providing a smarter, greener solution with same-day delivery service, competitive pricing and payment options that cater to a diversity of buying behaviours within the Asian market. And with just 1 – 8% of total retail sales in Asean currently done through the internet, and an Asean middle class that is set to grow to 400 million by 2010, the idea of connecting consumers through the convenience of a click has never been more ripe for take off.

Find out what makes PasarTap different. 


Another way to fund Higher Education ?

There are millions of undergraduates in Southeast Asia & India who come from low and middle income families struggling to finance their university education. Scholarships are normally given to the top 7% of the undergraduate population – which also includes affluent students – due to the merit-based nature of traditional scholarships. Mean-whilst, government cutbacks mean that a huge number of students either struggle to find financing. At the other end of the spectrum, there are a large numbers of willing donors and philanthropists who care deeply about education, whose main challenge is not knowing who to help.

About Skolafund

Skolafund is a web platform that allows undergraduates to crowdsource their scholarships from the community, corporations and philanthropic organisations. The company connects those who need funds, with those who have a passion for supporting educational causes, allowing those transactions to proceed with a peace of mind afforded by our user verification steps

Find out what makes Skolafund different. 

What now?

Sink or Swim : the 90-day Listing Period 

In case you aren’t already familiar with the drill, all companies who list on our crowdfunding platform have 90 days from the point of listing to hit their funding targets. That means that if at least 80% of the target amount is not reached within this period, investors get all their money back and the deal is void. On the other hand, if our listed issuers are successful in raising the targeted capital amount, investors will automatically become shareholders and get to enjoy future successes of each company, as they proceed with  the next steps in their strategic business plans. You can read more about each company and their revenue model, market opportunities and future strategies by visiting their respective deals pages

Learn about the companies you are investing in

We want to help Malaysians make better informed investment decisions.  So over the next 90 days, we’ll be curating and creating a range of interesting content on our blog, neatly summarised in our monthly newsletter which will be delivered straight to your inbox at the end of every month. You can also expect articles on all sorts of topics, ranging from 1.01 on Equity Crowdfunding Investment, to video and feature articles that will help you get to know the people behind our listed companies.

Don’t miss out and by register now, for a monthly newsletter summary of all our blog activity.


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