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Solving a Sticky Malaysian Problem

Hardly any appliance gets more love in Malaysia than the air conditioner. Yet, why is maintaining its services still such a hassle?

Being seated directly above the equator, Malaysia’s strategic geography has blessed the country with a tropical climate that supports a wide variety of flora and fauna. However, as diverse ecosystems thrive under such weather, we humans are not so lucky. Considering how hardly any of our homes and cities benefit from the canopy of forest cover, it is no wonder why so many Malaysians have an inseparable relationship with the heated Malaysian climate. Our quick-fix to the daily recurring problem? Constant air conditioning.

From our office spaces, to the place we do our shopping and the restaurants we dine in, air conditioning has become a precondition for a pleasant visit. According to Malay Mail, a 2017 study shows that the average Malaysian’s reliance on air conditioning has become so uncompromising that 46% of those surveyed claim that air conditioning is a necessity for soundless sleep – even when the weather is not hot. The demand of air conditioning has also been on the rise. A 2009 study in Johor stated that 65% of households were equipped with air conditioning, a figure 4 times higher than the national 16.2% in 2000, according to national consensus. More recently, a survey by Statista shows the quantity demanded of this air cooling home appliance has increased by 11% in just 5 years, from 871,000 units in 2012 to 970,000 units in 2017. With more and more homes being equipped, how many actually maintain regular service for this cooling system?

In spite of this once luxury air cooling system being more and more commonplace, getting your air conditioning serviced in Malaysia is surprisingly still quite a tricky experience. Professionals in heating and cooling urges us to get our air conditioning unit inspected and serviced at least once a year, even if you feel the unit’s performance is acceptable. Moreover, on top of advising users to keep air conditioning temperatures between 23°C – 25°C, Tenaga Nasional (TNB) also encourages users to keep their air conditioning filters clean by maintaining regular service to ensure peak performance and keep energy consumption considerably lower. However, no one really knows who best to call for air conditioning services.

With many of us resorting to technicians from referrals of our acquaintances or independent numbers recommended by home appliance stores, the hassle of hiring experienced, professional and trusted technicians who are also willing to travel to our housing area often deter us from ever getting the service done. With our limited, and fairly random known pool of technicians, we are often subject to their availability and prices – even if it means compromising on our own convenience and budget. Also, as accurate quotations are hard to be given prior to on site inspection, we are susceptible to feel blindsided by the total cost of repair, especially if we have no prior price knowledge or benchmark to compare to. With our lack of choice or bargaining power when servicing air conditioners, is this semiannual chore always going to feel like accepting a defeated battle? Ecotech Sales and Service believes they have the answer with their AirForce app.

Set to overcome the demand vacuum in the air conditioning service market, AirForce is an app to provide immediate air conditioner maintenance service to household, commercial and factories owners – think, like an uber for your air conditioner servicing needs! Targeting households, factories, and other commercial outlets, AirForce understands the unnecessary hassle of this whole servicing ordeal and aims to provide real-time, reliable and professional air conditioners service by connecting air conditioner owners, its end users, to a selected technician from their professional partners. The matching of end users to service providers would be on a location-based basis, which in turn help to reduce the waiting time for end users and travelling time of AirForce-approved technicians.

AirForce is planning to launch its equity crowdfunding campaign soon on the Ata Plus platform. Targeting to raise RM1,000,000, AirForce plans to use this fund for its App development, branch expansion, purchases of equipment, and to cover its operational expenses.

With Statista claiming the production of air conditioning units in Malaysia to have increased staggeringly by near 70% in just 2 short years from 2.48 million in 2015 to 4.2 million in 2017, AirForce is optimistic. Being a complimentary player to the air conditioner market, the expected trend of increased availability and affordability of air conditioners in Malaysia would continue to support the much anticipated success of the AirForce App!


Visit AirForce’s Deal Page to find out more on how you can be part of them @

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